If you go into the market to shop the baby safety gates for stairs then you will see many variety of the baby gates and you will get confused at that time if you have not decided in advance that which of the baby gate is suitable for your baby since each one of this gate has its own pros and cons and since these are the doors designed for the safety of the baby and therefore, you must consider number of factors before you buy these. These factors are the materials, the style of the mounting, and whether this gate is easy to move or not. You must know before hand that the staircase that you are using this gate requires which kind of the gate and this will help you in deciding the right gate. You must know the measurements which are the height and the width of the staircase in advance so that you buy the gate which is able to cover and block the staircase properly. Although there are some types of the baby safety gates for stairs and some of these are discussed below.

Hardware Mounted gates for the baby:
These are the kind of the gates which are mounted on the doorways or the stairways and these are secured properly so that these do not fall off and neither the baby is able to move it. One important thing you need to know is that the mounted area on which the wide baby gate Australia is mounted must not be just plaster because this will not guarantee any kind of stability. Remember, that you are buying the gate to introduce the safety and therefore, it must not be of this manner that it aids in injuring the child by falling over.

Pressure mounted gates for the baby:
As the name represent these are the kind of the gates which are held between the walls of the houses with the pressure and these usually utilize the rubber and therefore these do not damage the walls as well and also stay in their position. However, this is not the best of the choice because even the highest quality of the pressure mounted gates are not well secured for the staircase because these could fall over but these are well secured for the area which is flat such as the doorway.

These were the main two types of the baby safety gates for stairs but one thing you must make sure that whatever gate you choose for your baby it must be from a certified source so that they produce high quality authentic product.